To MFA or Not to MFA

I have an amazing opportunity that I am completely torn about. There’s a program that would allow me to complete either a creative writing certificate or earn an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing. Both of these sound wonderful (especially the free part) as long as I can find a program that’s all online and is actually worth the time. Obviously, it’s a no brainer that I should take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity, but I’m torn – should I put the time and effort of two years into an Associates Degree or pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (that I could earn in the same amount of time?)

I should probably preface the MFA option with the fact that I already hold a BS in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Community Counseling. So, while these aren’t anywhere in the writing spectrum, I wouldn’t need to complete any other degrees before pursuing some of the MFA programs I’ve found. I’ve read a bit about the whole “to MFA or not to MFA,” and, even though I know one doesn’t need a degree in order to write, I think that attending a good program would make me a better writer than I am now. However, it’s not exactly free to attend an MFA program and there’s no guarantee of success simply from having the degree in hand. 

Laying it out like this, it appears that the most logical choice would be to pursue the Associate of Arts in Creative Writing… but I still get the feeling that I should be pursuing the challenge of earning an MFA. 

Gah. Decisions. 


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