Tools of the Trade

After work today, I got stuck in a traffic jam which turned a quick 15 minute commute into an hour long snarl of traffic. Instead of getting angry and cursing at the line of cars and semis, I tried to focus on something more productive and began writing in my head. The trick worked. Rather than sit and steam in traffic, I distracted myself with story ideas and didn’t bother to get angry. Of course, thinking of story plots and ideas only made me want to write them down and, though we were just barely inching along a 10 mile stretch, I didn’t want to type the ideas into my phone’s notepad while driving. 

Which brings me to the point of this post: What are some great writer’s tools that you’ve used to help you capture ideas, remind yourself of plot points or even write entire scenes that play out in your mind while on the go? 

A quick search will turn up a lot of potentially useful apps, but I’m skeptical of shelling out cash for anything that merely replaces a pen and paper unless I know it’s truly a useful tool. 


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