My New Hero

I think I just found my new hero.

While researching information about freelance writing (i.e. checking out the corners of the internet in an attempt to procrastinate   writing), I came across a really amazing blog that I wish I’d stumbled across sooner. It’s called Cordelia Calls it Quits and is written by Kelly Gurnett, a freelance writer. The blog chronicles the path she took from dragging herself through the 9-5 day to eventually completely quitting her job once she was capable of supporting herself through freelance writing.

This is one of my major goals – to be able to support a comfortable lifestyle through my writing. While my main interest is in creating works of fiction usually in the form of books, I’ve been trying my hand at creating articles for magazines and blogs. The most difficult part of creating the magazine article isn’t actually in writing it (though that can be daunting at times) but rather in summoning up the bravery to actually submit the article to the magazine.

In fact, I’ve been sitting on an article I wrote two months ago. Two months! I could have been submitting that to various magazines to see if I could get it published! But instead I let the fear of rejection get in the way. Well, no more. After reading some rather inspiring blog posts on Cordelia Calls it Quits (Particularly this post which forces you to realize that you have to take responsibility for wasting time in your life instead of pursuing what you want to be doing), I feel motivated to really get in gear, knuckle down and get some writing sent out to publishers.


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