Every Writer Needs a Helper

I am a firm believer that every writer needs a helper. Sometimes the helper comes in the form of an honest friend, willing to read your work and offer constructive criticism. Or maybe a helpful spouse who helps you extract a character out of the corner you’ve written them into.

But most of the time, the helper who is willing to sit through the hours of silent typing is the four-legged type.

Mine mostly likes to lay with his back to me.


He throws me sorrowful looks over his shoulder every so often, jealous that I’m playing with characters beyond his reach.

When my helper senses my frustration on how to weave a particular scene or whether a character would really speak a certain way, he tries to distract me.


My helper is quite cunning his in cuteness.

But he doesn’t just limit his helping skills to writing. Oh no – he is quite practiced in the science of research as well.


Though he’ll never read the words I spend hours writing while he dutifully waits nearby, I can’t imagine not having my little writing helper around.

Do you have a writing helper you couldn’t do without?

(Yes, this article was nothing more than an excuse to post cute pictures of my dog.)


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