B= Break on Through (to the Other Side)

Chances are we’ve all heard the term “Breakthrough.” Mostly it is applied to scientific scenarios such as, “Scientists had a breakthrough when studying cancer,” or “NASA had a real breakthrough when they figured out how to get to mars in less than 3 months.” Sometimes we here the term used to describe art when an artist or writer creates something that catches the public’s eye.

As a writer, to me a breakthrough is much more personal than that. While it would be nice to have the fanfare (and the books sales!) that writing a bestseller can garner, the breakthrough itself isn’t when those fans discover your work or you make it to the New York Times bestseller list. Rather, a “breakthrough” is when the writing feels right and just flows. Or a story begins to unfold under my fingertips before I even knew what was going to happen.

What does “breakthrough” mean to you?




3 thoughts on “B= Break on Through (to the Other Side)

  1. To me a break through involves a barrier of some kind that you are able to surpass. In the case of writing for me, it is just writing. I try to write a lot and then over time my time spent writing slows down. I need something to pump me back up. It could be an event or a memory, or in this case the A to Z challenge that gets me back to writing. Whatever it was that was holding me back, I will have made a break through to get back on track.

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