G= Giving

I think it’s important to remember that, even as a writer, it’s important to give (or give back) to others. Sometimes this can be in the form of advice provided to your fellow writers in person or perhaps online via a forum. Other times it might be saying yes to a fellow writer and offering to read their work in order to provide honest feedback. Sometimes it’s simply taking the time to temper your feedback so that, instead of being ultimately negative, you find one positive thing to say and offer constructive criticism for how the writer could improve his/her work.

How do you give back?


2 thoughts on “G= Giving

  1. Book Reviews and Book Coaching (though the latter isn’t a complete gift, but it is offered at a reasonable rate so writers of all levels can experience detailed feedback on their work). I only hope I can find others who will be able to give me similar feedback for my own works. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing and giving us this post!

  2. Critiques and feedback whenever I am asked/get the opportunity, as a writer. As a community member, use other ways of giving back too. Great choice of G word.

    Best wishes,

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