J = Job-Hopper

Ever counted how many jobs you’ve had? I have a theory that we writer/artist types tend to be job-hoppers. That is, people who switch jobs fairly frequently. Not because the job is terrible (though sometimes it is) but because once we’ve mastered the position, it’s no longer a fun and exciting challenge to go to that job unless there’s some element of creativity involved.

Like many writers, I’m not yet able to support myself from my writing and have worked full or part-time jobs while writing in my off hours. And, though it’s great that I can write and be creative when not working, it’s also difficult to stifle that creativity during work hours. In my opinion, that’s the reason I’ve been a job-hopper.

What do you think? Have you held a lot of jobs, too? Do you think it’s because your creativity is stifled in most 9-5 jobs? Or do you think you’re a job-jumper for another reason?


One thought on “J = Job-Hopper

  1. Oh, I think you’re right. I haven’t been a job-hopper, but I am usually in a job for about nine months and then I get bored. I keep working, but I find it’s no longer interesting…probably because it lacks the creativity and variety that we writers long for and get through writing. 🙂

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