M= (The) Magic of Writing

I’m not sure which I love more: Reading or Writing. Sometimes, when I don’t want to make my brain work too much, reading wins out. Most of the time, though, writing is where it’s at. There’s just something completely magical about being able to create with just the power of words.

A writer has the magic to spawn hair-raising creatures that keep you up at night, jumping at every bump and rustle in the dark. We can create entire worlds, universes, or even alternate dimensions or we can narrow our focus to a simple town and all the intricacies woven into the relationships of the people within that town.

Our craft is one of magic, even when there isn’t any magic involved within the story. We can write of true stories with real people and, just using facts, get our readers to feel empathy for historical figures who aren’t usually well-liked or we can reveal to readers information about unknown historical figures who deserve more recognition.

Writing is magical. What makes writing magical for you?


2 thoughts on “M= (The) Magic of Writing

  1. Getting to read the type of stories I most enjoy is what drove me to writing. A mixture of adventure, fantasy, and romance, with just a pinch of literary fiction. Since I can rarely find good, satisfying novels I’d read and retread, I try to write my own. 🙂

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