O = Owning Your Work Like A Boss

Have you ever been asked the ever-dreaded question- “What do you do?” – and owned it like a Boss?

Many of us (myself included), respond to that question with, “Oh,  I write a little…” then let our voice trail off because we don’t really feel like writers. Maybe we’re not proud of what we’ve written. Or maybe we’re self-published and don’t feel we can call ourselves “writers” or “authors” because we don’t have a literary agent. Or we don’t have a big publisher putting out our work. Or maybe we don’t make any money off our work.

But until YOU believe that you’re a writer, others won’t believe it.

So you’ve got to own your work like a boss, quite literally. Think about some of the bosses you’ve had the in past. When they were asked what they do, do you think they squeaked out, “Oh, well I’m the boss of XYZ company… I don’t really do much of anything there…”

Hell no. Your boss probably puffed up his/her chest and boldly stated, “I’m the Boss of XYZ Company where I have 20 subordinate personnel and make over 2,000 amazing widgets every day!”

That is your boss, owning his/her job like a Boss.

You (We!) need to do the same as writers. It probably won’t come naturally. You might need to practice a little (just like you would practice your “Tell me about yourself” answer before a big interview.) Write down your answer. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice in front of friends. Listen to yourself. Hear yourself. Believe yourself.

You are a writer.

Now, own it like a Boss.



3 thoughts on “O = Owning Your Work Like A Boss

  1. Great post! You are so right. It’s hard to say “I’m a writer” when we don’t make money or don’t do it full-time, but if that is our job, as we see it–our career, our calling, etc.–then by all means, we should say it like we’re proud of what we do. Despite not making much money at it. What difference does that make? We will (hopefully) be remembered far longer than the boss at XYZ company. 🙂

  2. It always sounds funny the first time you call yourself a new something – the same applies when you get a new job title. These things take time to get used to, like breaking in a winter coat. I’m comfortable now with saying I’m an author, but at first – yes, it was weird, even with all the other career changes I’ve had!
    Nice post!
    Jemima Pett

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