T= Taking Risks

Writing can be scary. Not the kind of scary where you write about things that go bump in the night then have to sleep with the light on (though I’ve done that). No, writing can be scary because you have to take risks. You wouldn’t think that an occupation in which you sit in front of a screen all day would be risky, and though it’s not (usually) physically risky, it can definitely be mentally and spiritually risky.

Just the act of writing can feel risky. Sometimes it’s our own thoughts from which we are at the most risk. Thoughts like: What if I fail? What if I don’t finish? What if my work sucks? Powering through (or ignoring) these thoughts is the first risk we take as writers.

When you write, you put yourself out there. This is the second risk we writers face. While you hope people like your work and want to read more, there is always the possibility that someone won’t agree with you. Or maybe they might take offense to your writing, or to one of your characters. They might take issue with the authenticity of your fictional story.

And then there are the internet trolls. They lurk in the shadows of the inter-webs, waiting for you to put something out there so they can pounce and slash at your work with vicious words regardless of how good your work actually is.

How do you power through or mitigate these risks? Do you have a method of dealing with writing risks?



One thought on “T= Taking Risks

  1. Blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. Happy to find this post on writing and to learn something from a fellow blogger. I look forward to catching up with your posts.I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architects and setting. Come and learn something more about fixing tea or ordering tea at a lovely hotel.

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