U= (The) Unknown Plunge

Yesterday I mentioned some the risks inherit to writing. One of the risks I left out was the unknown. Not the fear of the unknown, but just the unknown itself. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much I outline and prepare to write, my characters tend to do their own thing during the actual writing process. Sometimes they go completely off the rails.

No matter how much I think I know about the story, the moment I begin writing, I’m committing myself to an unknown plunge. During the drop I might stay mostly true to the outline I’ve created or I might end up leagues away from where I thought I would be. I just never know.

What about you? Do you find writing to be a plunge into the unknown?


3 thoughts on “U= (The) Unknown Plunge

  1. Characters going off the rails…isn’t that the best part of writing, though? Plunging into the unknown and making discoveries (provided you aren’t on too strict of a deadline)? 🙂

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