W=With Feeling

There are definitely times when I’ve written a chapter that was supposed to convey a great amount of feeling (we’re talking waterworks here!) and during the second draft, I’ve found that the chapter falls flat. Though it’s tempting (oh so tempting!) to leave the section as is, if it doesn’t make me feel something, then chances are it isn’t going to make the reader feel anything either.

I find that when I muster the feeling I’m going for – be it happiness or sadness – I tend to do a much better job in conveying the feeling in my writing. It’s a tricky thing to do. Sometimes I can get to those feelings through my own writing. Other times I have to find something else to act as a catalyst such as movies that match the feeling I’m going for or a book or chapter I know will get me in that mind set.

What about you? Do you ever have trouble conveying a feeling to the reader? What do you do to help with that?


One thought on “W=With Feeling

  1. I imagine the story in my head as a movie, diving in and immersing myself in the scenes. Sad to say but once I lost my mom, found my writing was much more emotional.

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