Endings are a struggle. If you leave too many plot problems unresolved, then the ending doesn’t feel complete. But if you wrap up the story (complete with a neat little bow), the story doesn’t feel real. Striking that happy balance between significant resolution while leaving a few things undone is where I get on the … More E=Endings

One Word at a Time

Some days as a writer are easier than others. I have moments where I can pour out between 2-4,000 words in a sitting. And then there are days when I’m struggling to break 500 words. Today is one of those struggle-bus days. Ugh.

Ooh – Shiny!

If there’s something I love better than reading or writing, it’s thinking up new story ideas. In fact, sometimes I can’t stop myself. Sometimes I’m up to my arms in work, half-way through a book that’s been flying onto the page from my fingertips, and suddenly, a new, completely different story idea flits into the … More Ooh – Shiny!

Waiting for Clarity

I just stumbled across Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness podcast and LOVE IT! He interviews an amazing variety of people – authors, athletes, entrepreneurs – and talks about each interviewee’s specific field and what they consider success. Recently he interviewed author Jeff Goins (who is out of Nashville – woot, woot!) and they discussed some key … More Waiting for Clarity

My New Hero

I think I just found my new hero. While researching information about freelance writing (i.e. checking out the corners of the internet in an attempt to procrastinate   writing), I came across a really amazing blog that I wish I’d stumbled across sooner. It’s called Cordelia Calls it Quits and is written by Kelly Gurnett, … More My New Hero