On the heels of writing about procrastination, it’s ironic that I’ll now write about quitting and how sometimes it’s okay to quit on a work in progress. I know, I know. Slogging forward and never quitting has been drilled into us. There are a lot folks out there who’ll quote Winston Churchill’s, “Never, never, never … More Q=Quitting

P= Procrastination

Ah the dreaded “P” word: Procrastination. I’m sure I’m not the only writer or artist to blog about this today. It’s only fitting for this particular word that it took me all day to get around to writing this post. For me, procrastination leads to writer’s block. If I’m trucking along and cranking out a … More P= Procrastination

N= Nomad

As a military brat who moved every 2-3 years growing up, it’s difficult for me to stay in any one place for too long. I feel that this nomadic nature helps feed my inner writer. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing new cultures helps to add flavor to my writing and boosts my … More N= Nomad

K= Killing Bad Habits

Sometimes I wish a bad habit was like a character in a book that I could just “kill off” with a timely (possibly grisly?) death. My worst habit is one I think I share with many other writers – procrastination. Though I haven’t been able to “kill” it, I’ve been somewhat successful in mitigating it … More K= Killing Bad Habits

J = Job-Hopper

Ever counted how many jobs you’ve had? I have a theory that we writer/artist types tend to be job-hoppers. That is, people who switch jobs fairly frequently. Not because the job is terrible (though sometimes it is) but because once we’ve mastered the position, it’s no longer a fun and exciting challenge to go to … More J = Job-Hopper

I = Identity

When I first started blogging, I wrote about writing (fancy that!) and how difficult it can be to balance life as a writer, a spouse, and a full-time employee.  My very first comment was from someone I didn’t know in real life and was an exciting event- until I actually read it. The person suggested … More I = Identity

H= Happiness

Happiness is such a subjective term. Happiness for one person might be completely different than another person’s definition of the term. Heck, happiness might vary for one person from one day to the next. I might be happy when completing an activity one day and feel miserable the 800th time I’ve done that activity. Add … More H= Happiness