Y = Yoga Writing

I’ve been taking part in a yoga program recently and, while bending and contorting my body into various shapes, I can’t help but think that yoga is a little like writing. Hear me out here. When writing, I sometimes find that I have to sort of bend my way of thinking in order to really … More Y = Yoga Writing

W=With Feeling

There are definitely times when I’ve written a chapter that was supposed to convey a great amount of feeling (we’re talking waterworks here!) and during the second draft, I’ve found that the chapter falls flat. Though it’s tempting (oh so tempting!) to leave the section as is, if it doesn’t make me feel something, then … More W=With Feeling

V = Vacant Writing

Sometimes we sit down at our computers and have the most amazing moments of flow. These are those moments when the words practically write themselves and story unfolds before you. Other times we might struggle for every word, barely making headway, but feeling like we were at least true to the story with what we … More V = Vacant Writing

T= Taking Risks

Writing can be scary. Not the kind of scary where you write about things that go bump in the night then have to sleep with the light on (though I’ve done that). No, writing can be scary because you have to take risks. You wouldn’t think that an occupation in which you sit in front … More T= Taking Risks

S= Success

Success is a tricky word to pin down and define. It’s totally subjective to each individual, yet we tend to define others’ success by our own definition. And, just to make things more difficult, as you achieve success, you might redefine it so that you can work yet again toward the goal of achieving success … More S= Success

R = Real Reviews

In a previous post, I talked about giving back and various ways to do that. From some of the comments on that post, it seems that giving reader reviews or providing constructive feedback on a friend or fellow writer’s work was the most popular method for giving back. I must say, I struggle with this. … More R = Real Reviews